Hi! I am Hajra. I am a 21-year-old girl from Mumbai, India. I am a student of English Literature. My Interests: Art, Philosophy, and Creativity.


This blog is an art based blog. I post about what I see, feel, and update details on the new things that I make. I am inspired by many bloggers and writers on the web who turn pain into art very creatively. I decided that even I should start engaging in something like that. I was pretty sure about it when I went through some of the blogs and read books more often. (Tip for #newbloggers: read, read and read a number of blogs and books) And that’s how I started aspiring to be an artist. When I was sixteen, I used to watch youtube videos and try the tricks. Believe me or not, those tutorials did their job quite well.

Here is a picture of my journal.

I also update new entries that I make in my own handmade journal. Just like this *CLAPS*

This is one of my favorite pieces.

|| And, yes!! I have the trait of recreating used objects by using different techniques. ||

I also like clicking pictures of clouds, flowers and empty roads.

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I took this picture at Carters Road, Bandra. It was a pleasant evening in the month of June 2017.

I am in love with the flowers, the moon and of course, the poetry. I enjoy learning new things. Currently, I am learning Urdu, Persian and Arabic Languages.

Here is my favorite Nazm By Gulzar

I also capture heartfelt quotes from the book I am usually reading. I enjoy doing it especially when it is written on yellow pages.

I am learning the art of hand-lettering and calligraphy, so you’ll find some of them lying here and there on my blog.

Here is the first word I tried. That’s my name. yuhu!!
The super trending interest of mine is talking about emotions. You will find them over here.

You will also find some interesting gossips, D.I.Y.s, Tips and tricks, sewing tutorials on my blog.

Stay Updated!! Have a great time reading and learning!

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